Why I’m Not Going To Add You To My G+ Circles

Your G+ Profile Sucks!

Don’t get me wrong. I love finding someone new has added me to their circles on Google Plus and if they look like a real person, I’ll add them back. But there are some unforgivable sins that prevent me adding you to my circles.

#1 – Pixelated Profile Image

The worst thing you can do is have a pixelated profile image. You could look like Megan Fox, but with a pixelated image as your profile image I’m never going to add you. It screams cheap, incompetent and lazy. I recently had a number of spam profiles add me to their circles with obviously fake, pixelated images. So when yours pops up looking like that I’m just going to ignore it straight of the bat.

Pixelated Profile Image On Google Plus

Note: The face was added by me to protect anonymity.

#2 – Following 4000+ people

A close second, if you’re following too many people I’ll just dismiss you as SPAM. I don’t care if it’s an effective way of getting people to follow you. It tells me you’re too lazy to come up with good content, have nothing of interest to say and rely on adding as many people as you can to get noticed. You whore. As a rule of thumb I would ignore anyone following 1.5x the number of people who are following them.

Too Many People In G+ Circles


#3 – Default Cover Image

You might not be a famous artist or graphic designer extraordinaire but you can at least find some interesting image to add to your cover photo. It doesn’t even have to be SEO or internet related. Rand Fishkin has pictures of himself and his wife. How hard is that. Well perhaps for you, loser, if you can’t even manage to get a profile image without stretching and  pixelating it.

Default Google Plus Cover Image

#4 – A collection of links without any comments on your wall

Got anything worth while saying. Nooope. All I can see is a collection of links with no comment or reason for posting. Following you would be about as useful as licking a window, though a window has more flavor. I know it’s hard for you to get out of bed in the morning but come on, make an effort. If you find something interesting, tell me why and I might even +1 it and leave a comment. Throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks (almost literally) is not going to get you into my circles.

 Wanna Make Something Of It…

Come at me Bro. Say something on Google Plus. What is it that stops you adding people on G+? Perhaps people who write blog posts like this one.


I have to admit I have been guilty of these myself and that my own work has room for improvement. But if you’re not going to polish your product before taking it to market it just shows carelessness and being told you suck is only going to make you try harder next time.




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