The Trouble With “Inbound Marketing”.

OK. You’ve heard the arguments and the term Inbound Marketing now seems a likely substitute for the usual “SEO” in the blanket context of what you do. There is just one problem. How does one make it a viable, marketable acronym. The term SEO is fantastic for this. Completely unique, short, sweet and easy to understand. Inbound Marketing however is not.

Why care? Because writing ‘Inbound Marketing’ in every instance is not practical. Navigational links in menus for example,  “Inbound Marketing Blog” would be too lengthy for most designs and with most navigation placed at the top of the page this is a prime spot for having a keyword rich link (not forgetting that subsequent links do not pass anchor text value). Not to mention casual conversation. How often now when someone asks do you say SEO. With inbound marketing its going to be the same old mouthful time after time.

What options does this leave us with. “IM” ? Commonly associated with Instant Message. This would be a hard one to budge. Another could be be IBM (InBound Marketing), but for obvious reasons that one is out.

So now what. I don’t know. But I have a sinking feeling that without a good acronym Inbound Marketing may never take off. So… suggestions please. How about IBDMkgt?

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