Chris Butterworth is an Inbound Marketing Consultant with a passion for great content and seeing website traffic soar.

What Is an Inbound Marketing Consultant?

The Inbound Marketing Cycle

An Inbound Marketing Consultant uses a range of marketing tactics which focus on attracting, rather than chasing your customers. Previously the term SEO had been used to define a broad range of responsibilities however many argue that it is too narrow to cover everything.

Changing the name to fit the definition provides a more accurate impression of the actual work carried out by digital marketeers and the changing face of SEO.

What Does An Inbound Marketing Consultant Do?

An Inbound Marketing Consultant focuses on attracting users through creation of quality content which is of value to users. This is antonymous to Outbound Marketing which uses disruptive methods of interaction with consumers. That is it relies on interrupting the user to communicate their product value.

The Inbound Marketing process centers around the cycle of:

  • Keyword Research and Site Traffic Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

An Inbound Marketing Consultant takes on these various responsibilities to leverage technical and creative abilities to maximise an organization’s online branding and visibility.


The Inbound Marketing Process

The Inbound Marketing Process typically starts with analysis of targets and objectives. These are compared against market analysis, primarily of keyword traffic volumes. If targets and objectives are realistically achievable a strategy of content development in line with market conditions can take place.

Content developed can take the form of information or entertainment and has three functions.

  • To build user engagement
  • Build brand recognition, identity and authority
  • Provide link building and social share opportunities

Building community whilst increasing the chances that a site will appear in search engine results is at the core of content development.


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