Copyscape Bookmarklet

>>>>Copyscape Bookmarklet<<<<

Find Duplicate Content Without Leaving the Page

Copyscape Bookmarklet Screenshot

I am a big fan of Bookmarklets. They don’t take up RAM and get straight to work when, and only when, you need them.

I’m also a big fan of Copyscape. It’s a really quick and easy way to test page content to see if it has been duplicated on other sites. You just enter the target URL and it returns a list of pages with similar or duplicated content. Clicking through the results you can see each page with the duplicate content highlighted.

The one drawback is, you need to highlight and copy the target URL, go to copyscape, paste the target URL in the box, and click “Go”. All that for a single URL. That could make testing a little impractical. Cue the Copyscape Bookmaklet. All you need to do is click the bookmarklet and let it do the rest.

Copy & Paste the Link Below Into Your Bookmark Bar:

>>>>Copyscape Bookmarklet<<<<

This will open the current URL in Copyscape, in a new tab. This lets you carry on viewing the current page without having to click around to get it back open.

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Chris is Director of Organic Search for Reprise Melbourne.

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