Cashing in on ignorance – LiveChat edition

Before I begin, I should let everyone reading know why I’m posting on Butters’ blog. I work with Chris in the same office. In fact, we’re the only two here in the Melbourne office so suffice to say a bit of bromance has developed so much so that he’s allowed me to penetrate his online sanctuary that is his blog. I also don’t practice what I preach leaving me no place to vent – because I’m too busy doing work of course..

Anyway back on topic – during my lunch break today, I wondered how much it’d cost to build a new home for my parents. Not relocating them to a new home, but to demolish and rebuild as they simply deserve better. That’s right, I’m an awesome son.

In my quest, I began searching for “house builders” first to suss out the prices of homes before planning to look at demolition costs. As you do when searching, I opened up a few results at once and just clicked my way through.

Surprisingly, a few of those websites I opened had exactly what I was looking for which was “Knockdown Rebuild” type packages – awesome. What was even better is that I found one that had Live Chat! What better way to stay the introvert I am by having someone answer my question without even speaking to them?

Reach Local Live Chat

How welcoming does Steve look? Just look at that face! He’s so eager to help answer my questions!

Beginning Live Chat – Dialogue

Reach Local Live Chat Steve

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve expanded the chat dialogue below 2x the size.

I’m a nice person. So I started off by saying hello to Steve.

No point wasting time, that is the point of Live Chat right?


When Steve said this, I actually made a comment to Chris on how nice of a script that is for lead generation purposes, because the Live Chat didn’t ask me for any of my details to begin with. Curious to know what software they were using, I looked at the popup address bar and low and behold, it was from Reach Local.

Before you read on…

It’s important to know I recently talked a friend out of using Reach Local’s Live Chat system because I found out they wanted to charge them PER LEAD sent across. When I inquired further on how they qualified a lead, I was shocked at their answer.

Let me paint you a picture. My friend has paid search with Reach Local, meaning they pay Reach Local, who takes a cut, and pay Google – pretty standard practice (we’ll save the % of cut they take for another day). So as you’d expect, Reach Local pitched their Live Chat software to them.┬áMy friend thought it was a great idea until she ran it by me, and as expected decided not to waste over $700 immediately for these simple reasons:

  1. Reach Local would charge $10 per lead
  2. They count everything as leads, even traffic they didn’t bring you
  3. .. but if they do bring you the traffic, you pay for both the click and the lead
  4. It cannibalizes inquiries on your existing contact form as it’s installed site wide
  5. At the end of the day, they’re only there to take user details and can’t answer any direct questions – what’s the point if you can’t help the user?

So now that’s clear…

I decided to give this Steve guy a whirl and see if he’d be honest – and direct me to phoning them if I wanted some straight answers.


Lead gen questions!

The truth test to see if Steve is honest.



(there was a long pause, probably checking his script?)

Not bad. Nothing false about that. Good answer Steve!




I did a little digging and reverse-image searched his profile picture, and sure enough it was a stock image.


Last chance

In case he didn’t understand..

Haha, so much confidence


Ooh how I wish I could have made that italic


^ Click for link



LOL Reach Local Steve

Seems like they cycle through a few profiles and now use Sarah. I won’t be so mean to begin the Live Chat session and ask her about Steve to save Orbit Homes a tenner. You can thank me later Orbit Homes.

(I am still looking for Knockdown & Rebuild costs, so if anyone can recommend any company that will come out and inspect the property to give quotes please contact me – I’m in Melbourne)

2 thoughts on “Cashing in on ignorance – LiveChat edition

  1. Patrick Reply

    Your friend should use instead, they define a lead as a chat which generates a phone number or an email address.

  2. Patrick Reply

    Your friend should use instead, they define a lead as a chat which generates a phone number or an email address.

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