These posts are written by: Chris Butterworth

Click Fraud And How To Detect It

Click fraud is the method of generating ad impressions either using non-human sources – such as lines of code that automatically click on brands’ ads – or hiring vast swathes of users to manually click on the same ads in order to increase the amount of revenue.

Almost everyone in the ad tech sector are willing to acknowledge it, but few are keen to go on record given that many secretors of the industry profit from the sector (albeit in many cases inadvertently so). But with the number of voices calling for reform is growing in both number and volume – for instance the IAB’s establishment of the Traffic of Good Intention (TOGI) Task Force – with more and more parties are starting to tackle the problem head on.

Designing Powerful Calls to Action

Okay, yes! There are loads of blog posts with examples of calls to action out there already, but we’re often asked for good examples, and having looked through some of the existing posts, they don’t do exactly what I want. The aim of this post is to provide a list of examples without too much complication to give designers or SEO’s a quick point of reference and inspiration from some of the best designed calls to action on the interwebs.