123SEO's Next Intern...

Chris Butterworth

Gorilla SEO Intern

What's The Point?

Oh... You've found the old one. Well, it's still pretty cool, but not as cool as this one in space!

By submitting this resume to 123SEO, I hope to demonstrate the unique creative and technical ability I can bring to 123SEO as an SEO Intern through:

  • Engaging content
  • Fantastic on page optimization
  • Ingenious analytical tracking implementation
  • Cutting edge HTML5 / CSS3
  • Being totally different

About This Application...

I am committed to a career in SEO and Inbound Marketing. I have dedicated much of my time to learning more about the industry and the skills required. I wanted to take the opportunity of this recruitment to show you that I have the knowledge and ability to be an excellent SEO and Inbound Marketeer and request the opportunity to work with 123SEO in an internship position.

A demonstrated understanding of SEO and the core methods and principles.

I've developed the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the technical aspects of SEO through the websites I have designed and optimized over the last three years. As a result I:

  • Have proven experience with the site architecture, accessibility, and other on-page-optimization aspects of SEO.
  • Implemented effective designs, content and marketing processes to generate links and social shares -: Successful project..
  • Have a good understanding of the 'Reasonable Surfer Model' and its implications.
  • Am aware of the Server side aspects of SEO.
  • Have demonstrated these abilities on the following projects: Lipotrim Maintenance | Fitzwilliam Gallery | Hawkshead Christmas Fair | | ChrisButterworth.me

I am always learning and applying new skills to my projects and designs. I intend to learn more about JavaScript and PHP and using them to improve SEO and carry out basic functions.

A good understanding of marketing and advertising on the web.

In addition to my degree in business I have also achieved qualifications in marketing. I am an avid reader of SEOmoz, the various articles found on Inbound.org and a keen follower of industry leaders on Twitter and Google+. I also write an inbound marketing blog and am continually applying the principles I have learned to:

  • Increasing click through rate and conversion rate optimization.
  • New methods of reaching target audiences and developing UX to support social sharing and link building.
  • Seeking to create more effective CRM systems for client e-commerce sites.

In the past I have worked in my spare time with a limited budget. In the future I intend to make greater use of re-targeting tools, automated CRM and putting greater effort into community creation.

Strong analytical skills and business understanding.

I have experience of leveraging data to support advertising, content development and research: I have:

  • Developed ad groups with 7.46% CTR and an 8.42% conversion rate (2.44GBP/Conv).
  • Leveraged Google Analytics data (for e-commerce site) to target long tail keywords, with search accounting for 78% of traffic
  • As part of my business degree, I received a first class award for my research dissertation which used quantitative analysis methods.
  • Graduated with a degree in business and while working in my first role, completed a cert III in Marketing.

Developing my analytical ability is something I intend to focus on to more effectively use data in my SEO campaigns.

Good understanding of project management and reporting.

Through previous employment, event management and as part of my degree I have managed and reported on projects requiring coordination of people and resources. I have:

  • Developed and implemented information governance and Investors In People policy for a previous employer. Both projects required extensive planning and time management.
  • Produced and consolidated monthly VAT (British equivalent of GST) reports to strict deadlines.
  • Organized charitable events, including one working with over 30 local businesses to maintain support, create marketing opportunities and develop new revenue streams.
  • Working with Goodlife Gyms I regularly lead the club team in terms of sales volume with success owing in part to effective daily, weekly and monthly planning of time and resources. This role also required daily breakdown of progress towards goal and strategies for achieving it, reporting to club and regional managers.

Thank You...

I appreciate you taking the time to take a look over my work, and I hope my efforts to create something different have at least been amusing. I am genuinely passionate about SEO and working in digital media. An internship at 123SEO would give me the opportunity to speak to other people who share my passion and provide allow me to see how SEO professionals work.

If provided with the opportunity of an internship I would be able to provide my own equipment and can learn through either simple observation of your team or any work assigned to me.

If you have any questions you can contact me on the details provided, or just fill in the form below. My main site is located Here should you wish to read some examples of my SEO blogging (though I am about to change CMS to Wordpress).